10 Powerful Crystals Everyone Should Own

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Crystals and gemstones have been around for centuries, formed naturally in the Earth. People have been using crystals for a very long time as well for their attractiveness and for their healing properties as well. They have also been used in jewellery for centuries in rings, earrings and necklaces. It's said that if you are wearing a crystal or gemstone, you'll be able to reap the positive energy and healing benefits of the stones as you wear them. The same goes for stones that you hold or carry with you or crystals that you have in your home. You can use crystals to help in meditation as well and holding a crystal has been known to help calm the mind and soothe the soul. Change Your Thoughts has come up with a list of the 10 of the most powerful crystals and their healing properties. So if you're new to the world of crystals and you're intrigued, you might want to have a peek at the list for yourself so you can see which crystals you'd like to buy. You can buy them online, in person at a crystal store or sometimes you can even find places to dig for various crystals right from the Earth.

1. The first crystal and the most popular crystal is Clear quartz. This is one of the most powerful crystals for clearing lower energy. Placing a clear quartz crystal in each room of your home will really help to bring in good energy into your space. This crystal is also known to amplify the energy of other crystals and gemstones too so pair it with other stones to receive double the benefits.

2. Another great crystal is Citrine which is a lovely yellowish coloured stone that is great for bringing in more money. You can keep one in your wallet to attract more money.

3. Rose quartz is another quartz crystal, but this one is a soft pink colour that makes it perfect for all things related to love. It can be used to attract love into your life, but it's also wonderful for bringing in more self-love and learning how to practice self-care.

4. Tiger eye is a fascinating stone to look at because of all of the different tones in it. There are brown tones and glimpses of gold too. Its energy is very grounding which would make it great for meditation. You can also use it to calm anxiety, and it will give you more courage and confidence.

5. Another stone for love is Garnet. The rich, deep reddish purple is so gorgeous, and a lot of jewelry is made out of this crystal.

6. If it's a boost of energy, you need Carnelian is a great stone. It also helps in protecting you against any sort of negativity and will bring you joy and happiness.

7. Another crystal that brings in positive and happy feelings is the Sunstone. Just carry one with you if you're feeling low energy or you're really tired. It will give you the boost of energy and motivation you need to keep you going.

These are only 7 of the 10 crystals that you can start your crystal collection with, but make sure you find out the rest of them over at Change Your Thoughts. You can find so much other great information about crystals, meditation and other spiritual material. There is so much to learn about crystals, and there are many other crystals you can find and add to your collection. So check out crystals online and see which ones are most attractive to you to know which ones to get first.***

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