11 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening!

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Since ancient times people have practiced different spiritual beliefs and traditions. Many of these beliefs concentrate on not only our physical self but also what is known as our subtle energy body or spirit. This is the aspect of ourselves that is connected with the spiritual world and is not bound by the physical world. One of the elements of our subtle energy body is our chakra system which comes from Hinduism. In Sanskrit chakra means wheel, and refers to energy centres within our subtle energy body. There are said to be seven chakras in the body, but they are not tangible, they are centres of energy. To visualize the chakras, people often describe them as spheres of different colours. They are usually the colours of the rainbow beginning at the tailbone moving up the spine to the top of the head. Each of the chakras connects us with the different centres in our bodies; for example, the heart chakra connects us with our physical heart and the emotion of love. The solar plexus chakra connects us with our digestive system and our sense of self. Then, around the forehead in between your eyes is the third eye chakra which connects us with the pineal gland and our ability to sense or intuit things happening around us.

Working with the third eye chakra will help you see the truth, and it will also help you connect with the spiritual world. It also manages our sleep patterns and our dreams. You may have heard about opening your third eye or pineal gland which means that you are open to perceiving things through your intuition and to connect to the spiritual world. Many spiritual healing practices will help you connect with and open your third eye and meditation is a wonderful mainstream tool to use to help open your third eye. Spirilution shares a video with us that takes you through some signs that your third eye may be opening so that you can understand what is happening. We will explore some of the ideas they have on this, but to hear all of the signs you can watch their video on YouTube. Always keep in mind that you should visit your medical doctor if any of your symptoms are severe.

1. A pressure may be felt between your eyes since this is where your third eye chakra is located. You may notice a tingling or a pulsating sensation between your eyebrows and warmth.

2. You may feel the urge to eat healthier when your third eye is opening. You may become conscious that everything is energy including the food you put in your body and that you want to keep your energy clean by eating clean. For some people, this may mean eating vegetarian or even raw vegan. It may also mean just merely cutting down on sugar or soda. This is different for everyone, and there is no right or wrong way to eat, just what works for you. But if your third eye is opening you may notice some shifts in what you want to eat.

3. As you become conscious of the subtler energy in life, you may also start to notice synchronicities and alignments happening more frequently in your life. These will be meaningful coincidences that align everything for you. Even though synchronicity isn't scientifically proven many people notice it in the form of seeing repetitive numbers, words, symbols, and so on. Albert Einstein also discovered the law of relativity that everything is made up of energy and that everything must be connected in some way.

These are just three of the 11 signs that your third eye is opening, but make sure you check out the rest of the video. ***

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