Crystals For Highly Sensitive People

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If you're like many highly sensitive people out there, you may question if something is wrong with you much like Joy from Rockstar Rock Shop felt her whole life. Like Joy, you may have been or still are being told that you're too sensitive or too emotional, but it's hard to turn off that big part of who you truly are. When you go out to events or spend time with people you find draining, you naturally may feel so much and find it exhausting. Sometimes highly sensitive people can also absorb a lot of energy from other people too which is why it's so important to protect yourself and learn how to set healthy boundaries. Not only could be very sensitive to people and their energy, but you might also find that you're sensitive to different foods, chemicals, loud noises, beauty products and so on. These sensitivities may be part of your nature, but there are ways you can help yourself by using natural healing tools like crystals. Crystals have their own energy and frequency as plants do. They are formed in the earth, and they hold a lot of powerful natural energy in them. Each crystal out there has a different vibration, and each type of crystal can help you work through anything you're going through. If you're highly sensitive, you'll also be very sensitive to the energy of crystals too which is actually a very positive thing. This means that you can pick up on the healing benefits of crystals and use them to your advantage.

You can find crystals online in online stores, or you can go to a crystal shop in the area you live in and see the crystals in person. As you're looking for crystals, have an intention in mind of the area you'd like to work on most and what you would like assistance with. Then, look through the listings in the online store or in the physical store in your area. As you're looking pay attention to where your energy is directed to right away and follow that intuition which will lead you to the crystals you need most that will be the most beneficial for you at this time. It also helps to know a few of the specific crystals that are perfect for highly sensitive people too. Joy shares some of her favourite crystals with us starting out with black tourmaline which is a great grounding stone. Use the crystal in meditation before you go out into the world and then hold it with you as you're out or put it in your pocket, purse or wallet to keep close. Smokey quartz or hematite also work great for grounding too. Sleep is also very important for highly sensitive people which is why Malachite is a wonderful crystal to have. You can put some under your pillow to get a restful sleep.

Highly sensitive people could also benefit from lowering their caffeine intake or forgoing it altogether. Even decaffeinated coffee has a small amount of caffeine in it that can trigger anxiety and nervousness in sensitive people. You can also take supplements that support the immune system like vitamin B, magnesium and chlorella which helps your blood sugar. You can even make elixirs from your crystals by putting them in water overnight. To balance feminine and masculine energy you can carry a stone called a Shiva Lingham with you which does just that. Rose quartz is another very gentle and soothing crystal that every highly sensitive person should carry with them too. Check out all of the tips on the Rockstar Rock Shop website.***

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